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Product No. 19010-EK9-010-D


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The Spoon Aluminium radiator is constructed 100% from aluminium and is recommended for street, fast road or heavy track use.

Constructed in the same shape as the manufacture unit the core thickness is increased from 10mm to 35mm. Core pressure and cooling effect is improved by about 40%.

Recommended installation with Spoon SEP Radiator Hose, High Pressure Radiator Cap, Spoon Thermostat and Spoon Thermo Switch

Vehicle Fitment

Suitable for Civic EK9 Type R

Direct replacement for standard radiator.

Accepts the standard fans with no modification required.

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    In fast cornering it is possible for the engine so suffer low oil pressure due to oil starvation. This is caused by the lateral G forces pulling the oil away from the pickup.

    The addition of the specially designed baffle plate to a genuine Honda sump makes it possible to prevent this occurrence. The Installation of a baffled oil pan is highly recommended when the vehicle is being used in a high G environment such as circuit racing / testing to prevent engine blow.

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    Upon full opening of the throttle, a huge volume of air is drawn in at highspeeds. Meanwhile, when the throttle is closed, an inertial force acts and air is compressed at the instant just prior to full closing. When the accelerator is subsequently depressed, the sealed cleaner box is subjected to a more intense vacuum as a result of the reaction to compression. The efficiency of replenishment is increased a result of this action, and accordingly, the air-intake system of the Honda NA is both extremely ingenious and highly necessary.



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