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Rigid Collar Rear Kit

Rigid Collar Rear Kit

Rigid Collar Rear Kit

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RIGID COLLAR are simple in their shape but clever in their design.

Rigid Collars are made from a secret blend of space materials which ensures they mount perfectly flat between the chassis and subframe taking up any imperfection in the mounting surfaces.

Rigid Collars cure chassis movement, improve handling, reduce road noise, reduce vibration, improve braking and make the car safer.

This is achieved by the collar material, the tapered design and extremely high manufacturing tolerances.

Vehicle Fitment

Toyota Pyxis - epoch - LA300A

Toyota Pyxis - space - L575A

Toyota Pyxis - Mega - LA700

Subrau Stella - LA100F

Subrau Pleo - L275F, L275B

Subrau Pleo - LA300F

Subrau Lukla - L455F

Daihatsu Esse - L235S

Daihatsu Copen - L880K

Daihatsu Copen - LA400K

Daihatsu Sonica - L405S

Daihatsu Tant - L350S

Daihatsu Tant - L375S, L385S

Daihatsu Tant - LA600S

Daihatsu Tant - LA610S

Daihatsu Tantoeguze - L455S

Daihatsu Max - L950S

Daihatsu Mira - L700S, L700V

Daihatsu Mira - L275S, L275V

Daihatsu Mira - LA300S

Daihatsu Move - L575S

Daihatsu Move - L900S, L902S

Daihatsu Move - L150S, L152S, L160S

Daihatsu Move - L175S

Daihatsu Move - LA100S

Daihatsu Move - LA110S

Daihatsu Move - LA150S

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