ETA 10-14 days
The Spoon Cross Gear set for the EG6, EK4, EK9, DC2 and DB8 replaces all the gears for shorter and more track suitable ratios for fast road and race purposes. The ratios have been matched to that used by gp. A race cars. The standard long ratios are designed for economy and comfort, they allow a high (70-80mph) speed cruising at lower engine RPMS. Whilst this avoids using the VTEC cam to save on fuel, it is not the optimum arrangement to best use the engine power and torque. Spoon have reduced all the ratios to shorten them and allow the user to better use the power and increase acceleration. Achievable top speed will be reduced and become realistic. Many customers comment this is the single most circuit beneficial medication they make to their vehicle. Ratios: Spoon (Std) 1st: 2.533 (3.231) 2nd: 1.944 (2.105) 3rd: 1.591 (1.458) 4th: 1.280 (1.103) 5th: 1.033 (0.848)

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