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SPOON SPORTS introduces the ENGINE COMPLETE assembly tailored for the 10th generation CIVIC/CIVIC TYPE R (FK7/FK8).

This assembly comprises entirely new OE parts sourced from Honda. Before the assembly process, meticulous care is taken to remove any metal burrs from the cylinder block and cylinder head. This precautionary step prevents potential stress concentration and safeguards against engine damage caused by contamination.

Every detail matters: the piston, piston pin, and all moving parts of the conrod undergo careful weighing and balancing, ensuring a tolerance within 0.02g on each cylinder. With a total moving parts weight of approximately 1,100g (K20C), managing the weight difference within 0.02g translates to a minuscule 0.002% variation. In comparison, stock Honda Type R engines maintain a tolerance of 0.2%. This standard exceeds that by 100 times.

Precise management of moving parts' weight minimizes vibrations, contributing to a smoother engine rev. Although this effect might not prominently feature on a power curve, it significantly enhances the driving experience.

Another crucial consideration in engine construction is clearance management. Modern engines incorporate various materials like aluminium and steel to strike a balance between durability and weight reduction. For instance, steel cylinder sleeves are cast-molded into an aluminium cylinder block and combined with aluminium pistons. Components like the crankshaft, camshaft, intake, and exhaust valves, made of steel, are assembled with aluminium cylinder blocks and heads.

Given the differing coefficients of thermal expansion between aluminium and steel, clearance tends to fluctuate with temperature changes. To ensure optimal clearance management during assembly, the engines undergo meticulous assembly in a controlled environment—a cleanroom with regulated temperature.

Skilled engine builders meticulously assemble precision components in a consistent environment. This commitment is aimed at delivering the true performance potential of Honda engines to customers!


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