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Civic FK7

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  • Rigid Collar Rear Kit

    Product Overview

    RIGID COLLAR are simple in their shape but clever in their design.

    Rigid Collars are made from a secret blend of space materials which ensures they mount perfectly flat between the chassis and subframe taking up any imperfection in the mounting surfaces.

    Rigid Collars cure chassis movement, improve handling, reduce road noise, reduce vibration, improve braking and make the car safer.

    This is achieved by the collar material, the tapered design and extremely high manufacturing tolerances.

    Rigid Collar Rear Kit

    Excl. Tax: €183.33 Incl. Tax: €220.00


    Product Overview

    Spoon Sports Wiper Blades reduce drag caused by the wiper blades by adding a wind deflector. The deflector also prevents wiper blades from lifting at very high speeds. Wiper blades are coated with a high quality baked paint to improve corrosion resistance.

    Also gives the wiper blades a sportier look with addition of a Spoon emblem. Installation is a simple clip-in process, does not require removal of the wiper arms. Designed for RHD JDM cars only. Adaption model available for LHD cars on request. 


    Excl. Tax: €80.83 Incl. Tax: €97.00

  • SW388 18" 8.5J +45 5x114.3

    Product Overview

    In 1994 Spoon released the world’s lightest aluminium wheels. Developed with help from Desmond Corporation the weight of 3.88kg was achieved and the SW388 was born.

    The distinctive design quickly became an icon in the Honda tuning world. The wheels were only produced from 1996 – 1999 where production was promptly stopped as Desmond closed its doors.

    With nearly two decades passed we are pleased to announce the return of the legend.

    The SW388 is back!

    100% manufactured in Japan the wheels are FULLY MACHINE FORGED for superior strength and weight, finished in superior anodised matt black finish and bought up to date with a new improved recessed hub side mounting face.

    Why the recess on the hub side? The arch on the inside surface provides a space not in contact with the surface to apply loads naturally and outwards to improve the fastening strength of the hub and the wheel. This allows the absorption of shock loads on the hubs and knuckles. The design also functions to prevent loosening of the lug nuts.


    SW388 18" 7.3Kg

    Center Caps not Included - Sold Individually

    SW388 18" 8.5J +45 5x114.3

    Excl. Tax: €833.33 Incl. Tax: €1,000.00

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