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We are creating various parts that make the new generation K-Sports N-ONE a more fun car.
One of the elements that brings out the fun is the improvement of power performance.
ECU Tuning has already improved the output, but in order to further improve the power performance, we have developed a large capacity turbocharger.

The development keyword for this turbocharger is "balance."
If you want the maximum power that the engine can produce, you can increase the output by increasing the size of the turbine, but on the other hand, turbo lag, which takes a long time to supercharge, will occur significantly.
In addition, the engine will not be able to withstand high boost pressure, and the pistons and connecting rods will also need to be redesigned.

In order to achieve specifications that balance power, response, and engine durability at a high level, the turbocharger is a completely genuine replacement type, and the compressor wheel and turbine wheel are each approximately 10% larger.
As a result, it has become possible to obtain high power performance while ensuring reliability.

In addition, in order to cope with the lack of fuel capacity due to the increase in intake air volume, the kit includes a large capacity injector, a large capacity fuel pump, a high pressure fuel regulator, and a set of gaskets necessary for installation.

Powered up by a big turbocharger, N-ONE transforms into a high-dimensional K-Sports.


Remarks & special notes

Note) It is recommended to replace the clutch with a high pressure type.
Caution! Higher capacity clutch required.
High capacity injector, high capacity pump, high pressure fuel regulator, and gaskets are included.

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