ETA 15-30 days
This Spoon Brake Conversion Rotor allows you to utilise the rear caliper from the 98 spec Integra Type R or Civic EK9 (with 5x114.4 hubs) on your civic EK4 EG6, EG9 or 96 spec Integra DC2, DB8 (with 4x100 hubs) and upgrade the disc diameter form 239mm to 260mm. For this Disc to work you will need to source a calipers from the 98 spec DC2, DB8 or Civic EK9. This is an upgrade that should be considered for all users with who have upgraded front brakes with a larger disc and caliper. Installing it will rebalance the braking system and greatly improve the overall braking performance of the vehicle. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or send us a message through the live chat. Notice: Sold individually.

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