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Progressive springs, which have already been commercialized, lower the vehicle's center of gravity and improve cornering performance, turning the N-ONE into a fun car.

However, normal dampers do not have enough capacity for high-grip tires, so they cannot bring out 100% of the tire's performance. In addition, the occurrence of damping at the beginning of damper movement is weak, and fluttering occurs at high speeds.

We have developed a damper that is ideal for progressive springs, aiming to build a more sporty and comfortable suspension system.

Rather than blindly increasing the damping force for cornering performance, in order to suppress unpleasant fluttering in street driving, various things such as the setup of the valve in the very low speed range where the damper starts to act, the damping force value at high load, etc. It has been completed with specifications that can be convinced by repeated tests.

Sufficient stroke is secured by the genuine shape, the length of the rod and damper case is optimized, and the damping force is set to about 30% higher than the stock.

It also matches high-grip tires, and the sufficient stroke allows you to run comfortably and safely on various road surfaces. A suspension that allows you to enjoy sporty and nimble handling with peace of mind has been completed.


Remarks & special notes

*Compatible with SPOON SPORTS progressive springs (recommended) and normal springs.

Upper mount (front), dust boot (front), spring seat transplant required.

Vehicle Fitment Details

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