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SPOON advocated "3S Suspension" is the 

○ riding comfortable even in town riding by making the starting area at the moment when the suspension sinks soft. 
○ Improve direct load transfer and straight running stability by eliminating sliding resistance and making it smooth in the intermediate area. 
○ In the vicinity of the bottom, it is tough and strong attenuation characteristics make it possible to achieve high durability even in extreme areas such as high G cornering and riding on curbstones. 

However, in order to make use of this ideal suspension, it was necessary to first build an ideal body. 
In the process of developing S660, we first developed rigid parts such as "STIFF PLATE series", "Rigid color", etc., we made the whole body rigid body and made the basis for full-scale development of the suspension. 
This is the balanced total setting SPOON aims for. 

In every stage including town riding, winding, circuit, etc., we designed and tested repeatedly in order to produce a safe, fun and fast damper kit at a high level, setting based on huge data, making an ideal car height adjustment kit Completed. 

Both front and rear are equipped with a camber adjustment type Pilo upper mount, making it possible to adjust to the camber value according to the traveling stage, and it is also possible to cope with the tire fender line protrusion due to the big caliper installation. 
We adopted Minebea (NMB) pillow ball which enables smooth and direct driving feel, realizing high durability. 

We also secured enough rebound strokes and attached helper springs both front and rear to realize an ideal "spring feeling".
A wide range of settings such as lowdown setting at the circuit and street use are possible.
- -
Remarks & special note
Specifications: damping 32-stage adjustment, camber adjustment type pillow upper front and back, with the front and rear helper spring 
<safety standards compatible> 

[spring rate] Fr: 4kgf / mm (152mm ID65 ), Rr: 4kgf / mm (203mm ID65) 
[helper] Fr: 0.47 kgf / mm Rr: 0.47 kgf / mm 
[Car shipping height: Normal ratio] Fr: -15 mm Rr: -15 mm 
[Shipping height at vehicle: Jack point] Fr: 130 mm Rr: 133 mm 
[Shipping height at vehicle: Fender] Fr: 0 to - 35 mm Rr: 0 to - 35 mm [attenuation adjustment Fr: 587 mm Rr: 620 mm 
[Shipping height at the time of shipment: Low beam height] 505 mm <Less than 500 mm is a safety standard nonconformity> 
[Recommended vehicle height adjustment width: 
Width】 32 steps (Hard 1st step ⇔ soft 32 steps) 
【Factory Attenuation Dial Position】 Fr: 20 steps Rr: 20 steps 
Factory Camber Value】 Fr: -1.0 ° Rr: -2.0 ° 
【Camber Adjustable Width】 Fr: 0 to -3.0 ° Rr: 0 to -3.0 ° 
Note) The height of the car is measured by our demo car. 

Installation instructions 
Vehicle Fitment

Suitable for S660 - JW5 - S07A.

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